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Event Store 3.0.1 Released

Hot on the heels of version 3.0.0, which was released at our Birthday Party in London on September 17th, 2014, we’re pleased to announce a service release of Event Store, version 3.0.1. This fixes a number of small bugs and updates the bundled version of the uder interface. The release notes are below.

###Event Store Server

  • macOS binaries are now compatible with macOS 10.7 and above (#275)
  • Gossip can be requested as application/xml or text/xml in addition to application/json (#275)
  • It is no longer required to specify an event type when posting stream metadata, it is assumed to be $settings
  • X-Forwarded-Port and X-Forwarded-Proto are now supported to enable easier reverse proxying of the Event Store (#244)
  • Link events are now served correctly when content is embedded in atom feeds (#228)
  • Garbage collection flags on the shell script for starting nodes on Linux and Windows are removed as no longer necessary (#271)
  • Metadata streams no longer have a link to themselves for metadata.
  • Bundled UI is now from EventStore/EventStore.UI commit
    • UI is bundled and minified, making the binary distribution signficantly smaller when unpacked
    • Some stray development text removed (#252)
    • Resolved issue with projections detail sometimes not displaying (#227)
    • UI now displays linked events correctly (#226)
    • UI indicates events which are invalid due to windowing or deletion (#269)
    • UI no longer presents non-existent metadata stream for the synthesized $all stream (#284)

###ES Query

  • Content length is now set correctly on some requests from ESQuery which were previously calling failures (#283)

###.NET Client API

  • Client-side subscription queue is now bounded (#246)
  • EventStore.EmbeddedClient package now has the dependency on EventStore.Client correctly set (#242)
  • Embedded client now exposes the correct types for ResolvedEvent rather than ResolvedIndexEvent (#286)
  • Embedded client now includes necessary files for the Projections environment