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Event Store mentioned in 3 Gartner Reports as Event Driven Architecture vendor

   |   Dave Remy

For the past few years now Gartner Group has been mentioning the critical importance of Event Driven Architecture to the modern enterprise (one of the top 10 trends). Event Store are pleased to be listed in 3 recent reports by Gartner as one of the vendors, along with Amazon Web Services, Confluent, Google, IBM, and others who are offering Event Driven Architecture enabling technology.

The three Gartner reports are (Note viewing the full reports require Gartner membership): 

  1. Hype Cycle for Business Ecosystems, 2019
  2. Hype Cycle for Advanced Future of Applications, 2019
  3. Hype Cycle for Application Architecture and Development, 2019 

Event Store is a stream database built from the ground up for event sourcing. Event Store and event sourcing is a key part of an overall Event Driven Architecture focused on the origination of events in the line of business systems.  Event Driven Architecture as a whole encompasses the larger enterprise view of events integrating the enterprise.

An important part of a comprehensive Event Driven Architecture is, where possible, to have the underlying systems and services also be built in an event driven manner.  This reduces the friction (impedance mismatch) between the core system which maintains its source of truth as a series of events (the event store/event ledger) and the larger Event Driven Architecture.

Difficult scenarios such reconciling from the integrated systems back to originating events become natural and cost effective.  Debugging also becomes tractable versus a traditional CRUD based system which stores only current state.

To fully realize Event Driven Architecture’s potential both line of business OLTP systems are built using event driven techniques integrating seamlessly into larger EDA integration and analytics architecture.

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