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Ouro's Birthday!

  |   Written by: Greg Young   |   News

It's now approaching two years since Event Store was open-sourced on September 17th, 2012 at an event at Skills Matter in London. A year to the day later, we open sourced the high availability clustering features which were previously closed at Domain Driven Design Exchange in New York. So, in keeping with what is now a tradition, we'll be celebrating on September 17th, at the Crypt on the Green, near Farringdon in London, and we'd love for everyone to come!

During that event, we’ll be launching the long-awaited Event Store 3.0.0, as well as having talks from some of our most prolific open-source contributors, as well as from Greg about what’s coming next.

There will be plenty of people from the community there, as well as much of the Event Store team, and we are sure there will be lots of good discussions. Afterwards there will be a bit of a celebration with free food/beer and, of course, some ouro-themed goodies!

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