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Special offer

  |   Written by: Chris Watt   |   News

We will begin shipping our Event Store appliances in early November. For those early birds who can’t wait to get one (or three or more) then we have an introductory offer for you. For all appliance orders placed and invoiced before the 30th November 2012 users will get their first year Event Store support for free.

The specific terms of the offer are as follows:

  • For annualised billing you will receive you first year free saving £495 per appliance.
  • For paying three years in advance (usually £1265) you will receive a credit for a full year of £495; this will give you three years of support for £770 per appliance.
  • Users can commit to the special offer and schedule appliances for delivery no later than 30th November, support contracts will begin from payment of invoices; that could get you another two months free support.
  • Orders must be placed before midnight on the 30th November.

Invoices will be issued upon receipt of order and must be paid within 30 days. Appliances will be shipped upon payment of invoices. We’ll even pop a t-shirt and some Ouro stickers in too.

Contact sales@eventstore.org.

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