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Optional HTTP Headers

The Event Store supports the use of a few custom HTTP headers for requests.

Note that the headers have previously been in the form X-ES-ExpectedVersion but have been changed to ES-ExpectedVersion in compliance with RFC-6648.

The headers that are currently supported are:

Header Description
ES-ExpectedVersion The expected version of the stream (allows optimistic concurrency)
ES-ResolveLinkTo Whether or not to resolve linkTos in stream
ES-RequiresMaster Whether this operation needs to be run on the master node
ES-TrustedAuth Allows a trusted intermediary to handle authentication
ES-LongPoll Instructs the server to do a long poll operation on a stream read
ES-HardDelete Instructs the server to hard delete the stream when deleting as opposed to the default soft delete
ES-EventType Instructs the server the event type associated to a posted body
ES-EventId Instructs the server the event id associated to a posted body

Event Store docs are hosted on GitHub. The repository is public and it’s open to issues and pull requests. Contributions, corrections and feedback are all welcome.