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Installing on Ubuntu via the Debian Repository

These instructions apply only to users of the Open Source Event Store. Commercial customers have access to a separate package repository which contains all the commercial tools in packaged form.

The Event Store hosts packages on PackageCloud and the you can find installation instructions for the supported distributions here.

We recommend pinning a specific version in production.


When you install the Event Store package, the service is not started by default. This is to allow you to change configuration, located at /etc/eventstore/eventstore.conf according to your requirements and to prevent creating a default database.

Starting and stopping the Event Store service

The Event Store packages come complete with upstart scripts which supervise instances. Upon installation they are not started by default. To start the Event Store service after changing the configuration to suit your requirements, use this command:

sudo service eventstore start

To stop the Event Store service, use this command:

sudo service eventstore stop